2023 Vegan Conferences and Summits List
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2023 Vegan Conferences and Summits List

 by Yuveganlife, December 13, 2023
As we approach the end of 2023, it's a great time to reflect on the many vegan conferences and summits that have taken place around the world this year.

These events are like a symphony of vegan voices, ringing out from India to Poland, and from the USA to China, serve as essential platforms for knowledge-sharing and networking. They unite diverse minds and passions, sparking positive change that resonates beyond borders.

There are 14 vegan conferences and summits listed on Yuveganlife.com in 2023, including vegan and animal advocacy but not yet plant-based nutrition conferences.

While this list is not exhaustive, it shows that vegan conferences and summits have grown significantly in recent years as the vegan movement grows globally and impacts more people and industries.

Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights from 2023's list of vegan conferences and summits.

First, by sorting the founding year column header of the table, we see that there are 3 new conferences and summits started from Canada, US, and Malaysia in 2023. See the screenshot below:
screenshot for events started in 2023

There are 5 conferences and summits from US, UK, Poland, and China started in 2022. After plus the one from Asia started in 2020, it is 64% of the total events in the list since the Pandemic. This is a huge increase for vegan conferences and summits in the last 4 years. See the screenshot below:
screenshot for events started in 2022 and 2020

If we look at the table as a whole, we can see that there has been a boom in vegan conferences and summits since 2019. There are 12 events in the table that have started in the last 5 years, and only 2 events that have started 5 years ago in the list: International Animal Rights Conference was started in 2011 and Animal Law Conference was started in 1993. See the screenshot below:
screenshot for events started in 2019

In addition, we can see from the Format and Replay columns that there are 4 events that are entirely online and 3 events that combine in-person sessions with online presentations. And there are 8 events where the presentations can be replayed and viewed online.

Now, let's explore individual event details, for example: Global Vegan Hospitality and Tourism Conference. We can see this online conference was organized by Vegan Hospitality, it is a totally free conference with 3-hour replay option for everyone to watch, to learn the vegan hospitality & tourism industry strategies and secrets. See the screenshot below:
screenshot of Global Vegan Hospitality and Tourism Conference

Some of the replay sessions from this year's vegan conferences and summits to mention:

Whether we're new to veganism or seasoned advocates, these events help us stay informed, inspired, and connected to the global vegan community, and inspire us to take action for a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle.