Criteria for Listing Vegan Products on Yuveganlife
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Criteria for Listing Vegan Products on Yuveganlife

 by Yuveganlife, July 27, 2023
As the vegan lifestyle continues to gain popularity, more people are seeking out vegan products to incorporate into their daily lives. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming for conscious customers to find the right products that truly align with their preferences.

Yuveganlife aims to solve this issue by providing a directory of vegan products with different options within the same product type. With this resource at hand, users can conduct further research or inquire directly with manufacturers conveniently.

To be listed on Yuveganlife, a product must meet at least one of the following three core criteria and contain no alcohol or recreational drug content.

- Certified Vegan Products

This means that the product has been verified and approved by recognized vegan certification bodies. We believe that such certification provides solid evidence of a product's vegan status, instilling confidence in our customers so that they may do the least further research.

- Clear Vegan Labeling

Sometimes, finding certified vegan products can be a challenge. And we understand that not every product carries a certified vegan label. So clear vegan labeling on products provides a quick and easy way for consumers to identify vegan products while shopping. By showcasing the presence of the word "vegan" on the packaging, brands can effectively communicate their commitment to catering to the vegan community.

- Manufacturer Claims

For products that don't have a vegan certification or clear labeling, we consider the manufacturer's claims on a case-by-case basis, if the manufacturer clearly and explicitly states that the product is vegan on the product description page or FAQ page from its official website. We appreciate the transparency and honesty of such claims, as it allows us to cater to a wider range of vegan choices while maintaining accuracy. We evaluate the credibility of their claim by looking for consistent messaging and evidence to support their vegan claims.

Due Diligence for Vegan Products

In the past, a product was considered vegan if it didn't contain any animal ingredients or animal byproducts, and if no animal byproducts were used / no cross-contamination in the manufacturing process. But today, the meaning of veganism has expanded to include more factors such as no animal GMO ingredients, no animal testing, and ethically sourced/manufactured materials.
As veganism evolves, so does our understanding of what it means to be truly vegan. Every vegan has their own unique journey and criteria for determining whether a product aligns with their vegan lifestyle. For new vegans, these criteria may evolve over time. Similarly, more experienced vegans may have more stringent criteria that reflect their values and beliefs. The possible due diligence checking points by the conscious consumers may include (but is not limited to):

  • No animal ingredients, animal-derived ingredients, or animal by-products used in any ingredients of the product
  • No GMO ingredients from animal genes
  • No animal ingredients or animal byproducts used in the manufacturing process
  • No Cross-contamination in the manufacturing process
  • No animal ingredients in the packaging
  • No animal testing in the development for the ingredients/products
  • Ethical sourced and manufactured ingredients/products
  • Sustainable sourced and manufactured ingredients/products
  • Less carbon footprint of the entire product lifecycle
  • Renewable energy used in the manufacturing process
  • Closed-loop manufacturing
At Yuveganlife, we aim to make finding vegan products simple, convenient, and informative. We're always working to improve the experience, so you can shop with confidence. Happy shopping and finding new vegan favorites!